We are all about serving God with a passion and reaching out to the women in our lives to see them reach their destiny in God.


Women's Groups

    Powder Puff Mechanics

  • Leader:  Fred & Dee Pauley

    Day:  Tuesdays

    Time:  7:00pm

    Frequency:  Weekly

    Location:  3330 13th Ave. S.

    Call or Text:  406-899-1925

    For:  Women

    Childcare Not Available

    Everything you ever wanted to know about changing a tire, checking fluids, tips for buying a used car & more.



    Victorious Ladies Lunch

  • Leader:      Diane LeVeque

    Assistant:  Dinah Woods   

    Day:  Thursdays once a month

    Time:  12:00 pm

    Location:  June 14th we will meet at Jah T'aime in the Columbus Center

    Other locations to be determined monthly. Call or Text Diane for information.

    Call or Text:  406-750-6270

    For:  Women

    Childcare Not Available

    Fellowship and sharing with friends.  Bring a Bible Verse to share.


    Walk it Out

  • Leader: Sheryl Hopkins

    Days:  Tuesdays & Thursdays

    Time:  7:00-7:45pm

    Location: Meet at Lions Lane Parking Area at Lions Park

    Call or Text:  406-899-4916 *Prefer Text

    For:  Women

    Childcare Not Available

    Share, Pray & Walk